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The vision of Emcee Skool is to develop young artists in to community organizers and youth ambassadors for peace.



The mission of Emcee Skool is provide self-motivated artists with the proper tools and training to deliver highly impactful projects that can be used as peace making and humanity building strategies worldwide. 



The objective of EmceeSkool is to develop a social-creative-arts initiative designed to strengthen young teaching artists in the fundamentals of becoming a sustainable and impactful asset to their community and family via organizing through the arts. This will serve as restorative justice and violence prevention strategy. 

The Five W's of EmceeSkool



 (What will EmceeSkool do?) Inspire, Motivate, Decompress, Organize, Rejuvinate, and Guide young potential teaching artists to become ambassadors of peace. 

The WHO?


 (Who are ideal candidates for the program?) Up to 25 artists ranging between the ages of 18-26 who are writers, performers, social-media savvy and present, outgoing and display leadership qualities. *must be able to complete the required 16 hours of training in using art as an instrument of peace. 



 ( When are sessions facilitated?) Semester I = 16 Class Sessions = 2x/week = 4hrs X 8 weeks = 32 total hrs - Full course includes 2 semesters which is a total of 16 weeks and a maximum of 64 total hours. *a minimum of 16 hrs of instruction is required of each participant by the close of Semester I 

The HOW?


 (How will the program goal be achieved?) Participants will be challenged artistically and allowed a “safe-space” for healthy self-actualization and purpose strengthening. Upon completion of required training hours, participants will receive graduation certificates and ideally a paid position in a community based organization as Certified Teaching Artist and an ambassador of peace. 

The WHY?


 The once positive outlet for youth energy has displayed increasingly sobering examples of fleeting morals and deserves rejuvenation via young empowered organizers that have a natural desire for community betterment.

Executive Director, Visionary & Mentor

Teh'Ray "Phenom" Hale, Sr.

PHENOM has dedicated his life to empowering the People through his music. In 1995, First Lady Michelle Obama chose him for the Public Allies program where he had the opportunity to work with and teach youth about violence prevention strategies. As the Founder and CEO of the award-winning POETREE Chicago, PHENOM was influenced to start L.Y.R.I.C, (Let Your Rhymes Inspire Creativity) with co-founder and national poet K-Love in 2009. Today, the L.Y.R.I.C program serves Chicago-based high school students and offers them opportunity to write and perform poetry as a non-violent means to stopping the violence in their neighborhoods. As a main member of HIP-HOP DETOXX, PHENOM has also hosted major events such as Ritual Sundays, Neo Soul Explosion, and Lyricist Loft, and while doing so this incredible artist has mentored over 6500 plus youth throughout the US. His next endeavor is "EmceeSkool," where he aims to groom and train young men on the art of not just becoming an MC, but also establishing themselves as leaders and ambassadors of peace. His goal is to inspire change in the urban neighborhoods of Chi-town and abroad. 


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